Open databases

The whole Airportmap project is open source. This includes our data on airports, radio frequencies, navigation aids and runways. Here you can download our datasets in different formats as needed.

Like the website, the data can be used freely. Feel welcome to use it to set up your own project, carry out more extensive data analysis or whatever you like. It is not necessary to provide a reference to Airportmap, but this would be friendly and help to increase the reach of the project.


Export of data can be processed via the links below. Either as SQL files specially prepared for databases or as comma-separated data (CSV) for spreadsheets or automatic processing. Files are provided under the MIT Licence.

Airports SQL CSV
Large file including all airports, heliports, air bases and more with coordinates, altitute and other data
Frequencies SQL CSV
Includes radio frequencies from airports like ATIS, Approach, Ground etc.
Runways SQL CSV
Large file with airport runways, their size, surface and more
Navaids SQL CSV
File with more than 10’000 navaids like NDB, DME, VOR, TACAN etc.

If you want to download the Airportmap database structure or get a detailed view of its data, feel free to use the following repository on GitHub. Files are updated on a regular basis and after significant changes have been made.

Information on this website is for private use only. Do not use for real life flight.